(Trigger warning for rape.)

"The second thing Louis CK has done recently that I thought was awesome was including a female-on-male rape scene in Louie, his TV show. One character, Laurie, attempts to shame Louie into having sex with her and then, when he continues to refuse, physically assaults him to get him to comply. Admittedly, having a female-on-male rape scene in a sitcom is pretty nasty, and there are a lot of people laughing at it because ahahahahahahaha it’s so absurd that a woman would rape a man. But on the other hand he managed to get a lot of people talking about the reality of male rape survivors and female rapists, which is something I think we could use a lot more of. If it raises awareness for only one person, it’s a good thing."

On why Louis C.K. is awesome, according to Noah Brand.